Wake Up!

At Wake Up! we are happy with our lives and would like you to be happy too. We are always looking at ways to increase our happiness levels. It's not always about just being better, but also about being feeling better too.


At Wake Up! we like to look on the positives in life.This is evident in all the work that we do and in our approach to all that we do. We hope that some of it rubs off on you. Happy days.

“There is only one moment when it is essential to awaken that moment is now”
“There is only one you there never has been or never will be another you.....take some time to think about that”.
“Be the change you want to see in the world”
Stephen Dargan - Course Leader

My name is Stephen Dargan and I work in the area of self development for adults and teenagers in promoting self awareness and a zest for life.


I have developed this programme for transition teenagers and transition year students. I present my programmes in an open and energetic manner and provide an environment that is non judgmental and relaxed. Allowing them to open up to themselves more readily.


But most of all it’s fun!